The Root of the Problem

13 05 2011

This video is of a childhood favorite. For many, the stars of the video are well-known and obvious. They used to be popular across the rural United States.

However, today it seems farms are becoming more and more niche-oriented and less diversified. Only one of these farm friends were ever on my farm and then, only for a 4-H project not as a commodity. You don’t see this type of farm anymore, the type of farm my Dad grew up around:

Regardless of farm animals’ prevalence, or lack thereof, the prevalence of child that do not know a chicken from a duck or a pig from a cow is alarming. We talk about educating adults about corn syrup and genetically engineered organisms but we fail to start at the root of the problem-the children that grow up to be the ag-illiterate.

This problem is not relegated to Farm Bureau and check-off organizations. It is every agriculturalist’s responsibility to educate everyone, of all generations, wherever they go. Strike up a conversation at Toys R Us or the grocery store. Bring your animal to an elementary school classroom. Your conversation could make all the difference.




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