Silk, Farmers’ New Best Friend?

12 05 2011

We all know how the weather can affect our mood. By the time Februrary comes around I usually feel as dreary as the skies. However, in a few months sunshine kisses my arms and I feel content and happy.

Sunny Day

The same goes for textures-and I don’t just mean scraping your knee on asphalt. Think of how silk feels against your skin.

Well, this a topic that has caught the attention of researchers. The things we touch affect our decisions, they found. Smoothness is associated with ease and roughness is associated with difficulty. How did they reach this conclusion? People who completed a puzzle with sandpaper pieces described an interaction between two other people as more difficult and awkward than those who completed the exercise with smooth pieces.

What can agriculturalists learn from this? Farmers, break out the silk boxers when it comes to buying seed or going to an auction.

J. Ackerman, C. Nocera, and J. Bargh (2010) Incidental haptic sensations influence social judgments and decisions. Science, 328, 1712- 1715.




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