Manure: Recycling the Formerly Unrecyclable

10 05 2011

It used to be manure was used to help grow trees, not replace them. However, engineers with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, WI are changing this arrangement.

They are working to create building and packing materials from manure. The infamous house of cards may soon be a house of manure-only literally.

The goal of the laboratory is to create efficient, sustainable alternatives to wood. The cellulosic fiber of manure is similar to that of wood, making it the perfect replacement candidate.

Like the increase of demand for corn to make ethanol, soon manure may become all the more valuable.

Researchers say what goes in really does go out, meaning cows that eat more forage make more profitable manure. Meaning more cows eating less corn. An interesting parallel for lumber jacks and cowboys.

For more information go to this link.




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