Your Part Post on Meat: Part 2

29 04 2011

Today, I wanted to post part two of my meat article to facilitate  more discussion from viewpoints across the meat-no-meat spectrum. I hope you continue to post if you agree or disagree with this campaign that is working to promote meat on Mondays. Are their methods effective? Do you have any other suggestions? Is this something you would like to be involved in somewhere else in the country? Let’s make some online conversation.

The Flip Side

In response to the negative publicity, University of Arkansas’ organizations, Block and Bridle and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, began promoting Meat on Mondays—a college-wide educational campaign about the importance of meat in the diet.

Block and Bridle President Crystal Ahrens said, the Meat on Monday campaign is “not so much an attack” as an attempt to stop the campaign before it grows more popular.

The campaign involves distributing free packets of beef jerky and silly bands in the shape of steers and ZIP (zinc, iron and protein) on campus and at the Arkansas State Fair.

The Arkansas Beef Check-off and several other sponsors provide financial and moral support for the campaign. “The support has helped us rally,” Ahrens said. “It let us believe not only in our message but that it can be done.”

Ahrens said, agricultural industries will always attract negative publicity because people aren’t educated. “We can’t ensure success in our industry without educating, and continuously educating.”

Thoughts anyone?




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