Why Votes Count.

7 04 2011

In my political science class last fall a common theme from class to class was the lack of voters going to the polls. There were certain traits that marked a person as more likely to vote or less likely to vote. That list included things like being older, being more wealthy, being more educated… ect. One criteria my professor failed to mention was being a producer or having a connection to connection agriculture.

Now, why is that when 1/4 jobs is related to agriculture? I am a strong supporter of voting (in my whole two years of being eligible!). I want to change the criteria. I want there to be an overwhelming number of agriculturalists flocking to the polls in order that one day my professor will say to this generation or the next, “And interestingly enough, one is more likely to vote if they have strong ties to agriculture…!!”

I realize that it takes time and some energy (at least when it comes to your gas tank) to head to the polls. So why not participate in other ways?  Communicate with the person you (or someone else) elected! Make sure our voices are heard above the rest whose interests are so far removed from agriculture they don’t know a pig from a cow (from possibly a corn stalk!). All it takes is an e-mail or even a Facebook post! Follow your representatives and tweet at them every once in awhile. If you tweet, they will read it… if you don’t they won’t.

This video explains how much impact you could have.





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