Frustrated Blogger.

5 04 2011

I am an agricultural communications student. This major especially depends on others and their cooperation to create articles. I can’t perform an experiment, compile a paper from online sources or articles and I can’t even write about my personal experiences like other majors often can.

When a communicator seeks to interview you, a student communicator especially, at least have the decency to respond to an e-mail saying you will or you will not… or even respond that you don’t have time to even think about it but you will get back to them on x date.

With a deadline quickly approaching I find myself considering other topic ideas using my industry contacts-not pursuing the story I feel needs to be told. That is frustrating. Especially, when the ten plus people I contacted for an interview at professors at my own university.

I’m not sure if this story is worthy of a blog post, but after speaking the praises of this industry a few days ago… I feel a little let down today. How can reach consumers if people in this industry won’t even communicate to the communicators?

That is all. Hopefully tomorrow the powers that be decide to shed a little light on my article tomorrow…one can only hope (and e-mail, call…stalk their offices-or is that too far??) :]




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