Introducing the iLid…and what I learned from it.

4 04 2011

That’s what I will be doing next week, introducing the iLid that is-an automated grain bin lid opener, at the student National Agri-Marketing competition. It has been a long semester and this project in some ways has made it longer with deadlines and stress about upcoming deadlines. And as I sit here, taking a break from memorizing what I will say during a mock presentation tomorrow, I think about what I have learned.

First and foremost, I have learned about the connectedness of the agricultural industry. I think of how willing industry professionals were to discuss our product ideas or critique our presentation. I think about the multitude of e-mails and encouraging responses I have received about by various inquiries.

The knowledge I have gained is just a side note to the friendships and contacts I have made. For me, the best part about participating in these types of events is the opportunity to network. And by network, I mean meeting people within the industry that have welcomed me into the fold and offered me whatever they had to offer whether it be advice, technical skills, knowledge, etc.

This project has made me excited about my future. A future where I won’t succeed based on my own talents and abilities but by building on the talents and abilities of others. The people-communicators, educators and professionals-I have met are like one big family within an industry that feels like home.




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