Officially Engaged!

28 03 2011

For those of you who haven’t heard, I was proposed to and accepted the proposal March 19, 2011. While unexpected, it made our anniversary celebration all the more special. And wouldn’t you know, there is a spec of agriculture related to the engagement story. The lucky guy’s last name is Sturgeon. And if you are a good friend of mine you might think that is a species of bird. If you are trivia savvy you may know that this is the fish caviar comes from.

It looks like this.




Now, as a future bearer of the Sturgeon name, I am a little ashamed to say I had no idea a Sturgeon could get to be this large. In fact, at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago it has no place of glory but is merely a side note in a tank of other, “more interesting” fish. Tommie and I saw the Sturgeon at Shedd moments before he walked me out to Lake Michigan and proposed.

Now, as an agriculturalist I thought- how interesting that the commodity is the eggs. I would think it would be hard to save back some eggs to use to restock the breeding sturgeon line when there is money to be made! How must chicken farmers feel? There are no precious livestock lines or superior breeding qualities in sturgeons, or are there? Are fish missing the boat on selective breeding, especially the sturgeon? These questions cause for further investigation, obviously. Because as a land-locked citizen of Illinois, not that it is much of a factor these days when it comes to fisheries, I am clueless.

Also, as a strong supporter of genetic engineering-I find it hilarious (and intriguing!) to think about genetically engineering a sturgeon to mature twice as fast as conventional sturgeons, like the transgenic salmon of recent debate. Can you imagine that whale (perhaps literally in relation to size) of a fish!





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29 03 2011

Congratulations on your engagement!

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