Facebook: Use With Caution

28 03 2011

Facebook is a means of communicating. Duh. Oftentimes it is social but there are definitely professional entities entering the Facebook community. And as an aspiring professional, I find social networks encouraging dangerous situations-frustrating. My fiancée sent me this picture on Facebook:This looks crazy

Now ask me if a farmer would pause for this photo-op if entities like Facebook didn’t exist? I can’t see this picture making its way into our photo albums or family Christmas card. Why the bitter tone? The tipped tanks this man stands beside contains is 82.5 percent nitrogen to 17.5 percent hydrogen. Doesn’t sound too dangerous until you consider what this deadly chemical concoction can do:

Exposure Levels and The Human Body.

Exposure (ppm)-Effect on the BodyPermissible Exposure

50 ppm Detectable by most people-No injury from prolonged, or repeated exposure

134 ppm Irritation of nose and throat-Eight hours maximum exposure

700 ppm Coughing, severe eye irritation, may lead to loss of sight-One hour maximum exposure

1,700 ppm Serious lung damage, death unless treated-No exposure permissible

2,000 ppm Skin blisters and burns within seconds-No exposure permissible

5,000 ppm Suffocation within minutes-No exposure permissible

I know that it is tempting to laugh so the world laughs with you on Facebook rather than cry alone as the quote goes but if that puts you in potential peril, let words suffice for a picture and take safety precautions!




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