Random Acts of Violence

11 03 2011

When I started this blog, I thought it would be purely factual with a few of my opinions thrown in for good measure. But over these past few months, I have begun to share more and more about myself. This blog has become a forum to communicate to you about the things that are important in my life and while agriculture is definitely one of those things, so is my family, my friends, my education, and my life experiences.

Thursday night I had one of those “life experiences.” I walked out to my car, unlocked it, opened the front door… to see shards of glass on the front seat. I didn’t see the brick lying there until the police officer pointed it out with his flashlight. While nothing was taken, including a GPS and nice car stereo, it reminded me that my own little world is fragile. I can’t keep bad things at bay with a twist of a key or living morally.

Sometimes bad things just happen, which is why we surround ourselves with family and friends.

I kept thinking that if I was home on the farm this never would have happened. Out there I often keep my keys in my unlocked car and oftentimes the front door is unlocked too. Which is probably not the best argument but theft and “random acts of violence” are two very different things. One has potential benefits and one just hurts. I added “No bricks thrown threw car windows” as another positive about country life (see the blog post Rural vs. City: The Running Score here). But then I realized that teenagers smashed a series of mailboxes on my road, a random act of violence.

Apparently, no one, no where is spared from other’s hurtful actions. However, the silver lining is that there are nice police officers to help you pick up the pieces… or shards of glass… good friends to give you a hug, parents to see the big picture (and in some cases call the insurance agent), and a feeling of knowing that amongst a few bad apples (an agricultural reference in case you didn’t notice) there are bushels of wonderful people.




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